Casbah Awning

Casbah Event Buffet

Numerable tents can be made from our Casbah Walls and jeweled valances. This one is a 10 x 20 Event Buffet.

Casbah Wall As Shade

Casbah Wall As Shade

Four Casbah walls make a lively 40 x 30 shade.

Casbah 20 x 30

Casbah 20 x 30

Casbah Walls set as frame tent with white valance and white velvet pole covers

4 Casbah 20 x 30 With Casbah Valance

Casbah 20 x 30 with Casbah Valance

After the party ..... proof that people in our tents have fun!

Colorful Casbah Stage

Casbah Stage

Gold velvet pole covers class up our stage of Casbah walls.

Casbah Walls

Casbah Walls As Walls

Casbah Walls on 30 x 30 with Moroccan Lanterns and Gold Leaf Mirrored Suns

Casbah Moroccan Store

Casbah Moroccan Store

A fashion boutique materializing inside our Moroccan Lounge.

Moroccan Lounge

Moroccan Lounge Close Up

Casbah walls combine with tapestries, pillows and the Turkish Header.