30 x 30 White Tents

White Tents

White Tents Set for A Wedding

Pyramid Style Tents
One 30 x 30 and Two 15 x 15's 

White 30 x 30 tent with White Screen Wall

White 30 x 30 with White Screen Wall

Our flag pole topper
holds prayer flags above the fabric.

Double30x30 tent

Double 30 x 30

Creating a larger tented space by adding a gutter between 2 tents for weather protection

10 x 10 White Tents

White tents

Covering A Narrow Porch

A row of white 10 x 10's
with white velvet covers
on the poles and light cords

White tents (detail)

Poles to the Ground

Poles descend to the ground off the porch
to cover the wedding feast

white tents .... with the row of 10 x 10's

Two 15 x 15's Finish the Row

There was just enough space for two larger tents at the front to seat the wedding party.

White Tents, Row of 10 x 10's

Wedding Feast On A Narrow Deck

Our lighting design
matches the colors
of the tables.

20 x 20 White Tents

Egyptian Walls Greenroom

Egyptian Walled Greenroom

White 20 x 20 tent
with Egyptian Wall and Moroccan Lanterns.


India Wall on A 20 x 20

The mirrors are gleaming in this shot of the walls on a 20 x 20 white tent.

white tents together

White Tents Together

Several 20 x 20's and 16 x 16's
making a larger room.
White window wall on the right.

Event Buffet

Event Buffet

White 8 X 40 awning tent
with white screen walls
and white velvet pole covers

White Tent 40 x 80 with Buddha Eyes

White 40 x 80 with Buddha Eyes

Our largest tent, the white 40 x 80
can be set at 40 x 60 or 40 x 40.