To top off our flags and lighting we have a large array of decorative items to personalize your event. Mexican flowered tablecloths, mirrors and couch covers cover the basics.  Add a wall of lace, crystal columns, fringe curtains, tassels, parasols, velvet pillows, plants or even cover your tent poles in velvet.  

Black Couch lounge

Inviting Chill Space with Black Couch Covers

Chinese Spandex and Lace

Chinese Spandex and Lace

African theme lounge

African Theme

Moroccan Tassels and Couch

Moroccan Tassels and Lace

Burgundy couch lounge

Burgundy Couch Covers

Redwood Curtain Wall

Redwood Curtain

Sun Patch Banners

Rainbow Patch Banners

Tie Dye Lounge

Tie Dye Bar

Mexican Tablecloths

Mexican Tablecloths

Leopard couch covers

Leopard Couch Covers

Saris and pillows Lounge

Saris and Pillows

Crystal drops

Crystal Drop

Gold leaf sun mirror

Gold Leaf Sun Mirror

Dragonfly Mirror

Dragonfly Mirror

Brazilian wedding walls

Brazilian Wedding Walls