In Tents backdrops and walls are the heart of our unique look. Ethnic masterpieces hand appliquéd in the alleyways of the Cairo bazaar or embroidered Indian tapestries quilted in our barn workshop are installed by our capable team in event-specific arrangements. Festival promoters extend field wall on both sides of stages to protect green rooms and staging from public view. Murals appear as city-scape exteriors or backdrops for stages. When your preference is crisp and white, build your own theme on our white screen walls.

Beige Shoreline Flanked by India field wal

Beige Shoreline

Flanked by India field wall, the beige shoreline covers the stage at Marin Music Festival.

Egyptian tent stage cover

Egyptian Tent Stage Cover

Black pole covers and valance add drama to the Egyptian stage cover.

Black Mini Shoreline

Black Shoreline

The Egyptian Appliqué as backdrop for the black stage tent.

Black Shoreline

Second view Black Shoreline

White Mini Shoreline

White Shoreline

Salmon Flags flying high over the white mesh field wall set on either side of a stage covered with the White Shoreline.

White Shoreline Tent

White Shoreline

White Shoreline staged with Egyptian field walls creating a backstage area

White Shoreline

Colorful Casbah Stage

Casbah Stage

Gold velvet pole covers class up our stage of Casbah walls.

Purchasing Egyptian Cloth

Purchasing the Egyptian Aplique

Purchased in the souks of Cairo, the hand stitched Appliqué is displayed by it’s makers.

The Egyptian Applique backdrop

The Egyptian Applique

Everyone's favorite backdrop.

Stir it Up Backdrop

Stir it Up Backdrop

A 10 X 20 painting by Howard and Annie Bond

The Bear Backdrop

The Bear Backdrop

A 10 x 20 painting by Paul Bourgoise

Buddha eyes backdrop

Buddha Eyes

Set as a sign here the Buddha Eyes can be used as wall or backdrop. Appliqued by Dorje Bond.

Buddha Eyes Night View

Buddha Eyes Night View

The eyes are a vinyl sign material that performs like stained glass at night.